Art Show:
Listening to Water

Listening to Water

In conjunction with SHAPE Gallery, MSWA hosting a second art show in Fall 2023, titled Listening to Water.
The exhibit opened 15 September and ran to 20 October.

The web gallery for the show is available at:

Open PDF of Listening to Water program with art list:
Listening to Water Program

Flow: Art Inspired by Water (April 2015)

In April 2015 Shippensburg Arts Programming & Education (SHAPE) and Middle Spring Watershed Association (MSWA) hosted an art exhibit called FLOW: Art Inspired by Water at the SHAPE gallery, Shippensburg. That show featured art exploring the beauty, ecology, and fragility of rivers, streams, and other water systems, and the impact of water in our lives, with over 65 works of art in different media and styles by over 30 artists, about half of whom were from Cumberland and Franklin Counties, five from other parts of Pennsylvania, six from Maryland or West Virginia, and three from other states. 

A series of short presentations on stream ecology, hydrology, and conservation programs were offered on Thursday evenings, free, and open to the public. Artist-painted rain barrels were auctioned off and raised funds for MSWA. SU Farm volunteers, led by Ben and Gail Culbertson, replaced storm drain tiles around Shippensburg. MSWA volunteers cleaned trash from the banks and waterway of Middle Spring Stream. It was an amazing April!