Summer Stream Cleanup Success

Post date: Jul 7, 2013 7:05:36 PM

A crew of dedicated MSWA volunteers met up near Hotpoint at 10am this past Saturday morning and waded down the stream with two canoes cleaning trash out of the stream as the went. When the took the boats out at Fish Hatchery Rd. about three hours later the canoes were full of trash from the stream, including a number of old tires, a kiddie swimming pool, bags full of old bottles and cans, fishing line, a pair of waterlogged sneakers, plastic shopping bags, wrappers from all kinds of convenience foods, and boatloads -- literally -- of other garbage.

They found the stream a little cleaner on this trip than the last time MSWA cleaned this particular section of the stream and believe their efforts at cleaning the stream have encouraged people to be a bit more careful about ensuring that household and garbage items do not wind up polluting Middle Spring stream.