Shippensburg Plan to Reuse Wastewater

Post date: Jul 7, 2013 7:11:50 PM

Shippensburg Borough Authority was considering a plan to reuse water. That is, to take filtered, treated water from their sewage treatment facility and use it for customer water consumption. Given Shippensburg's access to groundwater it is unclear why SBA was prioritizing water reuse.

Read more about it in this News-Chronicle story

and this opinion piece

Shippensburg residents interested in learning more this were advised to attend the next Shippensburg Borough Authority meeting this Tuesday, July 9, at the Borough Office, 111 N. Fayette Street, at 7pm to ask the SBA to provide more details about the plan, and several did.

The SBA announced that they are dropping consideration of water reuse. That decision was probably influenced by the news story and opinion piece linked to above, and perhaps also by negative feedback from concerned local residents. MSWA members Chris Woltemade and Steve Dolbin and others made comments about the water reuse plan to SBA at their July 9 meeting.